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About Us

HeartLight Healing Arts is home to a multi-disciplinary group of practitioners, providing services to children, adults and families, who work in an integrated and interdisciplinary fashion. Our mission is to:

  • Combine the best of traditional and integrative/functional medicine approaches to treatment
  • Create a setting in which practitioners work in a truly integrated fashion
  • Treat the whole person, not just symptoms
  • Take the time to hear an individual's story in its fullness
  • Work in partnership with our patients

And in so doing, provide outstanding care. Read more about why you should choose HeartLight Healing Arts!

Learn more about HeartLight's pediatricians and adult medicine physicians!
  1. AboutUs PamelaCompart 300x400

    Dr. Compart is a developmental pediatrician who founded HeartLight Healing Arts with the goal of bringing together skilled practitioners from a variety of disciplines to provide comprehensive, integrated health care to children, adults and families. She has a particular expertise in and passion for treating children with autism spectrum disorders. She performs comprehensive assessments and provides ongoing treatment, combining both traditional medical and functional medicine/integrative approaches.

    Dr. Compart received her medical degree from Case Western Reserve University. She completed a pediatric residency at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., including an additional year as a Chief Resident. She also completed a 3-year fellowship training program in behavioral and developmental pediatrics at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, after which she was on academic faculty there for 2 years. She subsequently practiced in a variety of hospital and outpatient settings until she founded HeartLight Healing Arts in 2001. She is board-certified in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. She lectures locally and nationally on traditional and functional medicine approaches to the treatment of autism and other developmental disorders. She is a co-author of two books: “The Kid-Friendly ADHD and Autism Cookbook” and “The ADHD and Autism Nutritional Supplement Handbook.”

    “When treating a child, I try to bring the best that I have learned from all aspects of my training. My goal is to look below the diagnosis, to identify all the potential factors which may be contributing to that child’s challenges. I find a functional medicine approach particularly helpful, which involves asking two basic questions:

    1) Is this child’s body and brain getting everything they need to function optimally? And/or

    2) Is something getting into this child’s body and brain which are interfering with their ability to function optimally.

    Addressing these simple questions can lead to complex and elegant treatment interventions, combining traditional therapies, medications, dietary changes, nutritional supplements, etc., with the goal of improving overall function.

    In treating the underlying factors, the goal is not to change the child. Rather the goal is to allow that child’s best self to shine through, so that he/she can have the best possible quality of life. This is ideally done in true partnership with parents whose input is essential and valued.

  2. AboutUs Elaine Trogden 300x400

    Dr. Trogdon is a general pediatrician with an integrative medicine approach to healing. She is interested in all general pediatric problems, particularly obesity, nutrition, asthma, allergies, GI disorders, mental health issues and ADHD. She uses her Western medicine training to lay the foundation for a broader, more integrative approach to these problems in order to promote the best possible health of the child.

    “I believe that the best way to optimize a child’s well-being is by evaluating that child in the broader context of his or her physical, social, psychological, and emotional health. This must be done with the physician, child and family working together in a partnership toward the shared goal of optimal health. With this as my foundation for patient care, I work to combine the best possible treatment approaches from both traditional western medicine and complementary therapies, based on the patient’s unique characteristics and needs.”

    Dr. Trogdon received her M.D. from the Medical College of Virginia and completed her internship and residency at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Her work experiences have included inner city and multi-national clinics as well as private practice. She is passionate about international child health and has been involved in international medical missions for many years. Prior to beginning medical school, Dr. Trogdon worked at the Georgetown University’s Department of Psychiatry Family Center under the direction of Murray Bowen, M.D., family psychiatrist and therapist. She participated in the post-graduate training program in Family Theory and Therapy, and was part of the Family Center’s Biofeedback Program, working with individuals with stress-related physical disorders. Dr. Trogdon is board-certified in pediatrics and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She is also certified in clinical homeopathy.

  3. AboutUs MaggieCovington 300x2

    Dr Covington is a Family Physician who practices functional medicine. This is an approach that assesses a patient’s underlying nutritional and biochemical imbalances that contribute to illness, and individually tailors therapies to restore health and improve function.

    “I believe that the body has an innate ability to heal. Disease occurs when the body’s natural mechanisms for healing are overwhelmed, under functioning, or lack the necessary nutrients and a healthy environment. My goal is to help each patient peel back the layers of their symptoms to uncover the underlying triggers and imbalances that caused those symptoms in the first place. True healing can occur when we ask the right questions, individualize treatment by giving the body what it needs and taking away what may be harming it, and when the doctor and patient work together in a relationship of trust, commitment, and optimism.”

    Dr. Covington received her medical degree from Howard University College of Medicine and completed her training in Family Medicine at the University Of Maryland Medical Center. She has completed additional training in nutrition, functional medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine, and medical acupuncture through the Helms Medical Institute and UCLA. She has held academic faculty positions at Howard University College of Medicine, University of Southern California School of Medicine, and the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

    Beyond providing general preventive health care, Dr. Covington’s areas of interests include, but are not limited to, the assessment and treatment of hormonal, nutritional, and neurochemical imbalances manifesting as chronic fatigue, anxiety, digestive disorders, metabolic syndrome, depression, menopause, and osteoporosis.

    When not working, Dr. Covington loves ballroom dancing, cooking, spiritual pursuits, and spending time with her family.

  4. Stacy Ross, M.D. - Integrative/Functional Family Medicine

    Dr. Stacy Ross is a family physician who believes that health involves the whole person – spirit, soul and body (holistic medical approach). Health is not the absence of disease, but the harmonious balance between spirit, mind, emotions, feelings and the body. Dr. Ross utilizes both conventional and complementary/alternative therapies (integrative medicine) in her practice.

    “In the evaluation of a patient, I use a functional medicine approach which offers a different approach to patients with chronic and complex conditions. Functional medicine asks the question, “What core imbalances in the spirit, mind and body occurred over a period of time to create a disease state?” in order to restore those imbalances to achieve optimal health. In addition, this methodology evaluates the uniqueness of a patient - the uniqueness in his/her beliefs, genetic background, environment, past medical illnesses and symptoms in order to individualize therapy.”

    Dr. Ross received her medical degree from Howard University College of Medicine over twenty years ago. She completed her residency training at the University of Maryland in Baltimore and has worked for several private practices. She has been the Associate Director of the Prince Georges Hospital Family Practice Residency Program in Cheverly, Maryland. During the past several years, Dr. Ross has received additional training in nutrition and functional medicine.

    Dr. Ross has several areas of interest which include women’s health, preventive medicine, nutrition, hormone balancing and the future development of an obesity program. Her passion is to evaluate patients with seemingly unrelated symptoms for which they may have seen numerous specialists in the past and investigate the interrelationships between the symptoms to find the core imbalances. For instance, stress, poor nutrition, mood disorders, poor concentration and fatigue are interrelated.

Learn more about HeartLight's developmental optometrist, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologist, play therapist & energy medicine practitioner!
  1. AboutUs DebraFrenkel 300x400

    Debra Frenkel, O.D.

    With over two decades of experience, developmental optometrist Dr. Debra Frenkel specializes in providing vision evaluations and individualized vision therapy programs to optimize visual function leading to increased performance in daily living, school, and work.

    Dr. Frenkel started as a vision therapist while an undergraduate before beginning optometric studies. Since that time she continues to focus her practice on the importance of evaluating the extent of the individual’s vision development, providing a vision therapy program to promote optimal visual performance. Her practice includes but is not limited to children (verbal and nonverbal) with learning disabilities or special needs, infants and adults.

    Dr. Frenkel’s mission is to offer a comprehensive choice in vision care which includes evaluating vision development and function and supporting and nurturing the level of visual performance.

    Dr. Frenkel is a graduate of the State University of New York School of Optometry. During her residency at the Illinois College of Optometry, she concentrated on pediatrics, infants clinic, and working with adults and children with decreased visual acuities and legal blindness. Since practicing, she has taken numerous courses in continuing education in optometry and vision therapy.

  2. Pat holds a B.S. in Occupational Therapy from The Ohio State University School of Allied Medicine. She has practiced Occupational Therapy for over 25 years with a primary emphasis in pediatrics and years of experience in adults and geriatrics.

    She is certified in Neurodevelopmental Treatment, The Therapeutic Listening Program and Interactive Metronome. Pat also has extensive training in Sensory Integration and Sensory Processing treatment.

    In the last 10 years, Pat has focused much of her treatment intervention on eating and feeding concerns of infants and children. She has recently trained in the SOS (Sequential-Oral–Sensory) model and has over 20 years experience with in hospital and outpatient feeding. She is greatly interested in the biomedical model of assessment for infants and children and its effects on eating behaviors and volume intake. She feels strongly that the OT & biomedical practitioner should work closely to coordinate care and treatment for many children.

    Pat has trained since 1998 in craniosacral work through John Upledger’s coursework at the Upledger Institute as well as with Cathy Pliscof-Holway, P.T., through her Sacred Spaces Bodywork Seminars. She has treated individuals from infancy through adulthood and into geriatrics with CranioSacral and Sacred Spaces Bodywork.

    Pat has an extensive history of lecturing on various therapy topics, to professional and hospital staff, various parent groups, school age and preschool teachers and staff, as well as lecturing on select topics to the University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University (Pittsburgh) and The Ohio State University.

    She is co-published with world-renowned surgeons in the topics of The Management of Cerebral Palsy with Baclofen and Rhizotomies, The Treatment of Plagiocephaly and a teaching chapter on Activities of Daily Living for select Romanian orphanages.

    Pat believes that through her Occupational Therapy intervention and utilization of her knowledge of health and development, she can keenly identify each individual’s areas of concern and provide a variety of treatment approaches that best optimize that individual’s health and ease in life.

Meet HeartLight's administration staff!
  1. JamieRadomski

    Jaymie has worked at HeartLight Healing Arts since 2012. She is currently an administrative associate and assists both patients and practitioners. She especially enjoys interacting with the patients and witnessing their growth, healing, and transformation.

    Jaymie grew up in a family of holistic practitioners and was exposed from an early age to the concept of wellness and how the mind, body, and spirit were all connected. She also learned about the positive role supplements and natural products can play in a person’s lifestyle as well as their ability to aid in healing and bring the body into a state of balance. Jaymie’s family background combined with her own personal journey to healing has led her to develop a passion for this field.

    Jaymie graduated in 2005 from Penn State University with a BA degree in Psychological & Social Sciences. Her work background includes Director of Non-Credit Programs at Rosemont College, Staff Assistant/After School Teacher at Apple Montessori School, and work at the bookstore at Tai Sophia (now Maryland University of Integrative Health).