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We have a unique array of services under one roof for children with a variety of behavioral and developmental challenges. Our developmental pediatrician and general pediatricians work closely with our therapists to continually improve our knowledge and practices in order to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive care for our patients. To our knowledge, we are the only practice in the area which provides this blend of pediatric medical and therapy practitioners in a single location.

With a patient’s consent, adult and pediatric practitioners are able to easily work in an integrated fashion in the care of patients. Practitioners can meet both formally in scheduled group meetings to discuss new or updated diagnostic and treatment information and informally to consult with each other on difficult or challenging cases. Practitioners have access to a “brain trust” of knowledge of individuals from similar or related fields which can broaden the depth and breadth of services and treatments available.

We combine the best of traditional medical practices as well as integrative or functional medicine approaches in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. We are not an “either/or” type of practice. The best approach is the one that works for that individual. For example, for some patients, this may involve both traditional medications as well as nutritional supplements.

We believe it is important to understand a patient’s whole story, not just the presenting symptoms. To that end, our medical appointments are designed to allow adequate time for a very thorough history that addresses all aspects of the individual’s life. We need to know what makes each person unique. Individuals are more than just their labels or diagnoses.

We take the time to educate patients about their own or their child’s diagnosis and treatment options, so that informed choices and decisions can be made. In so doing, we can work in true partnership with our patients.

We work closely with an on-site pharmacist. Blue Mountain Pharmacy and Nutrition Center is a separate business within HeartLight. While owned and operated independently, HeartLight and Blue Mountain practitioners have worked closely together for over a decade. This association provides patients and clients with up-to-date information and quality services and products.